2D Digging System for Excavators

Guide-Pro 2D digging system
Guide-Pro 2D digging system


Experience the future of excavation technology with e-Trak’s 2D digging system, GUIDE-PRO. Elevate your operations with unparalleled precision, operator-centric design, and costeffective excellence. GUIDE-PRO is your key to unlocking a new realm of efficiency, accuracy, and success. Designed with the operator in mind, unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and success.

  • Your Machine Becomes the Rod Man Allowing for Better Workforce Allocation
  • Digging Accuracy of ± 1/2 In
  • Easy to Set Up and Operate
  • Compatible with the LIMIT-Pro
  • Made in Canada

How it Works

GUIDE-PRO brings unparalleled precision to excavation projects. The 2D digging system provides accurate guidance for bucket positioning, ensuring that operators achieve precise digging depths and angles, reducing the likelihood of over-digging and optimizing the use of materials. With real-time guidance, operators can achieve optimal results in less time, leading to increased project throughput.

The system enhances job site safety by preventing accidental utility strikes and minimizing the risk of over-excavation. The system provides clear visual guidance, allowing operators to work confidently while avoiding potential hazards and ensuring a safer working environment.

GUIDE-PRO is designed for seamless integration with your existing excavator equipment. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy for operators to adopt and utilize the system quickly. 

Whether you're working on trenching, foundation digging, or grading projects, GUIDE-PRO adapts to various excavation applications. The system's versatility makes it a valuable asset for contractors involved in a wide range of construction and excavation tasks.

On Screen Features

1] See 2D patterns and 3D emulated patterns

2] Cab roll angle taken into account for digging system in option

3] Operator dig settings saved into memory - even after the machine is turned off

4] Slope + patterns capability

5] Sideway slope

6] Can be used with a job site laser for benchmarking

7] Customizable touch screen for Operators