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with e-Trak Technology Solutions

e-Trak Technology Solutions designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance products that are suitable for heavy equipment vehicles. Our lineup includes the Range limiter, the 2D Digging System, and the Mobile Scales.

The added value of our products is your guarantee to maximize productivity and optimize operations. We have strict production standards to ensure you’re getting the most durable and high-quality products that are available on the market today.


Our most popular products


LIMIT-PRO | Excavator

Range limiting device | Allows you to visually spot zones with ease and can also be paired with the GUIDE-PRO and used as a laser reference.

  • Increases operator safety
  • Easy and intuitive to use



2D digging system with reach limiter

  • Improves efficiency with less filling material required
  • Saves time and money with no need for a grade checker
  • Reduce the risk of accident and creates safer job sites

SCALE-PRO | Wheel Loader

Incorporates the most powerful components available.

  • Save up to 20% on loading time
  • Deliver the exact amount of material
  • Angled sensors allow to load quickly
    & accurately
limitingSystems machines

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Our limiting systems are made to fit on a lot of machinery you could have.
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