2D digging system for excavator


Real-Time Bucket Position

Reduces Overfilling

Increases Productivity

Intuitive and user-friendly

It is now easy to protect yourself even if you are a new user or have not used the system for some time. Thanks to the simple diagrams, the understanding of the use has become intuitive

Sensors and laser reference

Three angle sensors are installed on the excavator to measure the movement of the bucket tine tips, regardless of the position of the boom mast or bucket.

Proportional slowdown

Imagine that you were digging and your excavator automatically slowed down as you got closer to your goal.

It’s now possible with the new GUIDE-PRO Assiste, available as an option on the GUIDE-PRO. Our engineering team has developed a digging assistance system that slows down the excavator slightly as you approach your objective.

This allows you to gain in precision and speed of execution.

Get your 2D digging system for excavator in 3 easy steps!

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