Scale for Wheel Loaders

Scale-Pro for Wheel Loader
Scale-Pro for Wheel Loader


Introducing the SCALE-PRO system from e-Trak, an innovative solution engineered to bring efficiency and precision to your wheel loader operations. Harness the power of real-time weight visualization within the bucket itself. SCALE-PRO provides instant and accurate weight data slashing up to 20% of loading time. Propel your operation and productivity to new levels with e-Trak.

  • <1% margin of error
  • New and improved rugged tablet
  • Made in Canada
  • Real-time weight info

How it Works

Our e-Trak scale for wheel loaders empowers operators with real-time, accurate payload measurements, allowing for precise tracking of materials being loaded and transported. e-Trak ensures that every load is optimized for maximum efficiency. Utilizing advanced sensor technology integrated into the loader's hydraulic system, the scale precisely measures the weight of materials during the loading process. The data is then transmitted to the user-friendly interface, allowing operators to instantly access information on load weights.

The scale provides instant feedback on load weights, enabling operators to make informed decisions about load distribution and avoid unnecessary trips. This not only saves time but also reduces fuel consumption and minimizes wear and tear on equipment. By preventing overloading or underloading, the SCALE-PRO is an investment that pays off by maximizing the lifespan of your wheel loader and minimizing operational overhead.


On Screen Features

1] See your bucket movement in real time.

2] The operator can see the weight in the bucket, in the truck, and the combined totals.

3] Improved and customisable management reports.

4] Add different projects, vehicles, and user/operator.

5] User friendly interface allow you to select your specific bucket, customer, vehicle, material, and much more.